About Me


I am currently a Bersoff Fellow at NYU,  where I moved in 2017 after receiving my PhD in Philosophy from Yale. You can read or download my CV here.

I specialize in early modern philosophy, with a focus on epistemology, ethics, metaphysics and the intriguing points at which they intersect. In my dissertation, Divine Minds: Leibniz on Knowledge and the Pursuit of Happiness,  I investigate central aspects of Leibniz’s theory of knowledge, and show how they underpin his ethics by examining the connection between the notions of wisdom, justice and freedom within his moral and political philosophy.

I also have a strong interest in women philosophers of the period, feminist philosophy, Cambridge Platonism, the philosophy of Iris Murdoch, and various issues in medieval philosophy. My next research project, The Metaphysics of Emotion, improbably combines all of these interests by investigating how metaphysical themes are bound up with epistemological and moral themes in early modern philosophical discussions of love and sympathy.

The picture shows me and Leibniz’s friend and student Sophie Charlotte of Hanover in the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, where the two used to take walks and contemplate the non-identity of leaves…